Surrender – World War II

Of all the valiant ships that fought during World War II, USS Taylor (DD 468) was the one chosen by Admiral Halsey to lead the fleet into Sagami Wan, Honshu, Japan, on 27 August 1945. Her anchor struck the bottom at 1342 hours, the first Allied warship to anchor in Japan since the war began. DD 468 sailed 208,534 nautical miles in the three years leading up to this day. She fired 20 torpedoes, 174 depth charges, and 14,437 rounds of 5″ 38 caliber ammunition, many of which found their mark. And through it all, she had not one battle casualty. As FN1 William Edgar noted in his diary, “This has been a day that will go down in history [and] we have played a great part in it.”