World War II Cruise Book


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Dedication by CDR H.H. deLaureal

Let the spirit of loyalty, cooperation, and devotion to duty which has guided us in the performance of duty on board the TAYLOR continue to live with us, wherever we are or whatever our futures might be. By a continuous display of these excellent virtues we have carried the TAYLOR through three years of war in enviable and magnificent fashion. The record of the good ship speaks for itself.

Let us thank Providence that our hazardous duties have been performed without one single casualty. Although we have been exposed and have been willing to accept the sacrifice of our very last drop of blood, we have been spared, and for that we should remain humbly thankful.

Let us take pride in the Service and in our good ship and her record; but more sincerely so, let us take pride in the cause for which we so whole-heartedly devoted ourselves during the period of our service.

Let us accept this publication in the light in which it is intended — to refresh our memories in the dim future, to remind us of our shipmates, our activities, and our lives on board the good ship TAYLOR.

Few of us wish to forget the TAYLOR, her victories, and her achievements. Let us all take just pride in having served on her.

Henry H. deLaureal
Commander, US Navy