Website Dedication

This web site is dedicated to the memory and lasting legacy of USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) and all who served aboard her from 28 August 1942 to 2 July 1969. Taylor was a valiant ship; she and her Taylor Sailors bore the battle well and always came out on top. Through war and global conflict, she never lost a man to the fight.

Our mission now is to preserve Taylor’s story, and we owe thanks to the members of The USS Taylor Reunion Association for their steadfast support through the years. In addition, there are several people whose special contribution to the USS Taylor mission bears mention.

Susan Katz Clark
Daughter of Benjamin Katz, USS Taylor’s first Commanding Officer and Plank Owner

Paul Katz
Nephew of Benjamin Katz, longtime supporter of our mission and USS Taylor’s only Honorary Plankowner

Otto Zipf
Otto served aboard Taylor as LTjg from 1955 to 1957 and ran the USS Taylor Reunion Association for many years. Otto’s love for the ship, vision and determination brought us from scrapbooks full of photos to the Internet in 2010.

David McComb
Founder of The Destroyer History Foundation, Dave was our destroyer history guru, exemplar (

James G. O’Neill III
Jim served aboard Taylor as LTjg 1965 to 1967 and succeeded Otto Zipf running the USS Taylor Reunion Association. Jim also has maintained our member database for many years.

Gerald F. Petersen
Jerry served aboard Taylor from 1966 to 1969 and wrote the definitive history of USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) which is part of this web site.

Robert L. Cashin
Bob served aboard Taylor from 1966 to 1969 and has been Webmaster for the USS Taylor Reunion Association since 2010.

Florence Everett
Our long-suffering Web Designer, since 2010 Florrie has not only made our web presence a reality, but patiently put up with us old Taylor Sailors in the process. The results speak for themselves.

Commanders attesting to USS Taylor’s reputation:

“Few of us wish to forget the Taylor, her victories, and her achievements. Let us all take just pride in having served in her.”
—Henry H. deLaureal, CDR, USN (CO: 1945–46)

“All honor to ship and her crew who have fought so long in the vast spaces of the Pacific. It was the sum total of the efforts of every officer and man which brought about the successful conclusion of the toughest war in history. I congratulate the officers and men of the USS Taylor for the splendid part they played in this struggle.”
—C.W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, USN (1945)

“It was a privilege to have had the USS Taylor under my command in the South Pacific, and later as a part of the Third Fleet. She admirably performed every mission assigned to her and her officers and men may be justly proud of their fine record.”
—W.F. Halsey, Admiral, USN (1945)