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"It was a privilege to have had the USS TAYLOR under my command in the South Pacific, and later as a part of the Third Fleet. She admirably performed every mission assigned to her and her officers and men may be justly proud of their fine record."
W.F. Halsey, Admiral, USN (1945)

Welcome Aboard USS TAYLOR (DD/DDE 468)

A Fletcher Class destroyer built in 1941-1942 at the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine, and commissioned on 28 August 1942. TAYLOR served from 1942 in World War II, Korea, Operation Dominic, and was decommissioned in 1969 during the Vietnam Conflict.

TAYLOR Sailors site is built using historical information and personal photos and accounts to record serving in the ship. In the side navigation, you can view the site through an archive book approach, or by category. In the upper navigation you can locate and communicate with shipmates in the Message Board or Directory, or check Reunion and News updates.


History of the USS TAYLOR

The Cold War

Commanding Officers and Flag Officers