Korean War Crew Stories


Don Wade – DD to DDE

The USS Taylor was stationed at Hunter’s Point, San Francisco, CA with her sister ship the USS Jenkins. The Jenkins was ready but the Taylor was not. We lived on board ship in nighttime but had to leave during the day so the workmen could do their jobs for 1–2 months. The Taylor was redesigned as a DDE from a DD and as such was designed to do 40-45 knots. During the recommission all super structure was changed to magnesium for lighter weight. Read More.


Account of Ryukyus Survivor Rescue

Folks: Standing a quiet mid-watch at anchor, so I think I‘II use some of the leisure time to write. The last two weeks have been in and out of Buckner Bay here. Training exercises are such. One unusual assignment is described in the enclosed notes… the penned one was a night letter I tried to send you last Monday morning, but the Class “E” message is reserved for emergency communication when at sea, so I didn’t send it. Read More.


Don Wade – Korean Boys Rescue

USS Taylor was in the 7th fleet. One day we were ordered to go look for a plane that went down in the Sea of Japan. The reason we were sent is because we were the fastest ship in the fleet. We were not able to locate the plane or pilot. On the way back to the fleet we spotted a san-pan floating in the water with 5 North Korean kids in it. They told us their village was attacked and their entire families were wiped out and they were fleeing North Korea. Read More.


Don Robert Wade – Battle of Wonsan Harbor

Our job was to protect the mine-sweepers, protect the Marines on the island and keep the rail knocked out so the North Koreans couldn’t ship supplies to the front line 60 miles below us. This particular morning one of my duties was on the helm. I think I was being trained for helmsman, although my regular duty station was in after steering. I was on the helm when they opened fire. I was given orders right full rudder and all ahead flank. Read More.