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Taylor Reunions

USS TAYLOR Reunions happen every two years at various locations around the country, and include TAYLOR Sailors who have served aboard from World War II to Korea, the Cold War, and Vietnam. We all share a special bond, and pride in our historic ship.

Working with the Best Western Premier, the Central Hotel and Conference Center, we have rescheduled our 2020 reunion to 26 thru 30 August, 2021.  The uncertainties surrounding the current COVID 19 pandemic, I believe, make this approach a "win-win" between the hotel and the reunion association.  

The hotel has cancelled all reservations in our current room block, but if you have made reservations,  it might be a good idea to double check that cancellation of your room has, in fact occurred.

In the next few weeks we will be refunding reunion fees.  If you want us to hold them and apply them for the rescheduled reunion, just send an email to that effect.  A refund will be our default action.  We keep donations, however.

If you ordered a golf shirt(s) we will try to purchase and mail to you.  The vendor is closed right now.   

We will be putting out more information on the 2021 reunion as time goes on but we will probably structure the rescheduled reunion to be pretty much the same as current plans for it in 2020. 

Thanks for your forbearance during all this confusion, but a 2020 reunion just was not "in the cards". 

James G. O'Neill
Montpelier, VA

Gettysburg Battlefield