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1969   INS LANCIERE (D 560)   1971

In mid-January 1969, USS TAYLOR departed Vietnamese waters for the last time. After stops at Subic Bay; Manus Island; Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and Pago Pago, Samoa, the warship arrived back in Pearl Harbor on 28 February. In May, a Board of Inspection and Survey looked her over and determined that she was unfit for further U.S. naval service. Early in June, TAYLOR was moved to San Diego, California. She was decommissioned on 2 July 1969 when her name was struck from the Navy list and she was transferred to Italy at the same time. The former American destroyer served in the Italian Navy as INS LANCIERE (D 560) until January 1971. At that time, she was decommissioned and struck from the Italian Navy list. She was then cannibalized to maintain her sister ships still serving in the Italian Navy.

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