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The  COVID 19 virus has made planning for our 2020 reunion a bit more complicated.  


We are following events very closely and will be making  a go/no go decision concerning the 2020 reunion on, or about, April 20.  This date is determined by contract cancellation fees.


I think many people are holding off signing up for the reunion because of fear of 
the virus and the fear of losing money in case of a cancellation.  In some cases I have individually encouraged people to wait until we make a decision with regard to cancellation.


If you are planning on attending the reunion it is financially safe to sign up now.  Should you feel the need to cancel we will be offering full refunds of Reunion Association fees consistent with the refund policy stated in the signup letter.  That is, if we have not purchased something with your money ( e.g., a meal or a tour) we will refund the money.    


For those of you planning to drive to the reunion, signing up should not be a problem.  For those contemplating air travel or train travel, however, your fare may not be refundable so you may want to wait until later to book transportation.  
I am interested in the thoughts of anyone who is thinking of coming to the reunion but is delaying because of COVID 19.  No sales pitch, I just need to know what members are thinking.


Hopefully we will know more by April 20 and can make a wise decision.



James G. O'Neill
Montpelier, VA