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Jonathan mckenna none none 0 267 261 6510
Have alot of real photos.uss taylor. Ww2 . original dinner menus. Lots of original artifacts. Thanks guys.have ww2 cruise book
carl corbett DD468 1965 5037563689
Hello everyone,

My Father Phillip Corbett served on the Taylor in 1965. Dad is well, retired now and sober for 40+ years. He is not too computer savvy but he has asked me to send his warmest regards to all of you and I'll be happy to pass on any messages. My Sister and I would be very interested if anyone has any pictures of Dad they could share or if we could find a copy of the 1964-65 cruise book. We are so happy to have found this page for the Taylor. Thank you.   
James G. O'Neill DD 468 LTJG 65-67 (804) 212-8911
The next USS Taylor (DD/DDE-468 Reunion will be from 14-18 August 2016. It will be at the "Inn at Opryland" in Music City (Nashville), Tennessee. We will be posting information and sending letters out shortly. Please plan on attending.
Jim Hall DD468 RM1 68/69 717-840-0150
Just watched video @
(Found reference to it on Facebook)
donald patrick uss taylor dde468 RD3 53-56 817 5995079
Need prayers for David Childers. He was aboard ship from about 52-55. He fell and hit head and is on life support
Jim Hartsock dd 468 sa 1969 doc1012@excite.com Back in the day (1969), I reported aboard the Taylor in Subic Bay as a SA. I was met on the QD by an RD3 (name not remembered). He convinced the OOD that I belonged in OI division. After all these many years, I'm looking for this person to thank him.

All I remember was that he was always seasick and that is about all I remember about him.

We left Subic on our way to Australia and eventually back to homeport in Pearl.
Robert Marshall USS Taylor DD468 Bm3 1968 / 1969 361449099
HOPE SOMEONE SEES THIS.IT WOULD BE COOL,To hear from someone ESPECIALLY you deck hands.have one for me Rob
sherman a mosier dde-468 torpedoman ist class 12/59-5-63 916-422-7039
If anyone knew Joe Tescarenno, his wife Alice just passed away after suffering a stroke
Robert Peach DD 468 SHL2 1966-1968 508-477-0500
Looking to hear from anyone who was aboard with me.
T. Ralph Smith DD 468 RM 1942 to 1945 609-364-9027
My father T. Ralph Smith served on the Taylor during WW2 as a radio man, he passed away in 2008. I am his son, Roger A Smith, he was very proud of his service " he won the war in the pacific" I have his ships book that details the Taylor's service during the war, if anyone is interested I can send a copy. Email me for any reason.
Proud son! also a veteran!
John Singer USS Taylor DDE 468 QM3 1958-1962 1 760 223 1818
Would like to hear from anyone
Frank p Ferreira uss Taylor Boiler room engineer 1948 / 1951 530- 788-5520
Anyone that can remember my farther please call me the years might be off a bit . Please help best friend during his service was Johnny do not know last name . Korean War time. He was in the engine room . Down in the hole of the ship . Thank you all for your service. (Daughter)
John Maine Uss Taylor 503 201/1500
I'm said to say my best friend John arbie kinder has passed away July 24 2014. A man of principal and integrity. Who changed my life with his wisdom and heart felt love for others. John Maine 503 / 201 / 1500
robert marshall uss Taylor dd/dde 468 bm3 1 361 449 0997
I have never forgotten you guy's. And never will. We surely did our part. I have regretted not trying to keep in touch with with you. But l'm older now, and feel an emptyness. I can only hope some of you feel the same way.
        Hope to hear from you or see you at the reunion. Rob marshall
        Robert marshall
robert marshall uss taylor dd 468 bm3rd class 1year 361 449 0997
I'm looking for anyone that serverd a board the old girl during the period 1968 to 1969. As a bowswens mate.ie deck ape. I am know 100% connected. And would like to help any of you that are having trouble with the va. We did a lott things that changed our lives for ever.and maybe made a difference in the world we live in today.
M Cole widow of Gary W Cole RM3 DD468 RM3 1963-1965 713 898 2871
Gary W Cole RM3 -see the 1965 yearbook under the Radio Shack crew- died March 1st 2014. He shared very fond memories of his service at the Taylor and now I keep his yearbook as a treasure. If any of his shipmates wishes to contact me please do. It was a short but important time in his life.
Allison granddaughter or R. Yorke Herren DD468 Luther 1943-1945 4262nd@gmail.com Does anyone remember my grandfather Dr.R Yorke Herren Lut? I would love to hear from anyone. He died before I was born and would love to know anything about him.
Susan Goodman USS Taylor CP0 Unsure ? 1962 - 1965 520 820-1082
Am looking for photos of my father who was a Chief Petty Officer commissaryman on the Taylor. During war exercises he was a gunman and ambulatory man. His name:   Donald R. Banks
gordan hobbs uss taylor dd468 gmgsn 21/2 rghobbsjr@yahoo.com email me if we served together and you remember me.
frank ferreira uss taylor fire man 1952 /1953 wedgie1@att.net Looking for John Tombe and Vernon Duarte
jim hall dd468 rm1 68-69 snjenavy@yahoo.com The very first issue of our ancestor newspaper, Continental Navy Times, published to coincide with the founding of the Continental Navy.....the paper is dated 13 October 1775.

I was doing some research on some Navy history and stumbled on something amazing, unique and pretty cool. :) The very first issue of our ancestor newspaper, Continental Navy Times, published to coincide with the founding of the Continental Navy.....the paper is dated 13 October 1775. :)
ronald cantrell usstaylor 58-62 anniscan@att.net Ronald Cantrell - deceased 10/30/1996 as a result of an automobile accident. Tried to contact Bill Burris by email. We had tried in earlier years to contact Bill.
eric johnson DD468 seaman 8/68-4/69 na
Desron11; Sasebo, Japan; the Gunline,Vietnam;Olongapo,P.I.;Manus Island; crossed the equator at longitude 145-40E on 27 January, 1969 and became a "Shellback"; sailed into Port Kembla & Wollongong,N.S.W.Austrailia; Melbourne, Austrailia; Aukland, New Zealand; Pago Pago Islands and back to Pearl Harbor: CDR Taylor was skipper
Tom Roseberry DD 468 seaman 7/66-12/67 7023534553
I'm looking for my friend Sterling C. Purcell who was aboard TAYLOR from 8/66 till early or mid 67 when he transferred to the Vietnam river boats. He then was in heavy action till discharged. Am interested in any recent info.
For many, the service was a pivotal experience, and for me it was literally life-changing in all facets. I appreciate this link to memories. Wishing every sailor peace and joy forever, Tom.
Gary Anderson (AKA Big Andy) DD 468 E5 Store Keeper Summer 67-Jan 69 (312) 218-4680
Great idea!
vince hayes USS TAYLOR BT3 1966-1969 purplehayes112011@hotmail.com Hey how's everyone doing
Jim Hall DD468 RM1 68-69 snjenavy@yahoo.com This is so me.....
Long ago I was a Sailor.
I sailed the Ocean blue.
I knew the bars in Singapore...
The coastline of Peru.

I knew well the sting of salt spray,
The taste of Spanish wine,
The beauty of the Orient...
Yes, all these things were mine.

But I wear a different hat now,
Jeans & T-shirts too.
My sailing days were long ago...
With that life I am through.

But somewhere deep inside of me...
The sailor lives there still.
He longs to go to sea again,
But knows he never will.

My love, my life, is here at home,
And I will leave here never.
Though mind and body stay ashore...
My heart's at sea forever.
Jim Bowline DD 468 Engiman 3rd & 2nd class 1964-1965 jnjbowline@yahoo.com Does anyone remember me served during a Yankee Station Junk or sandpan patrol
also Soviet Submarine Survailance. I need info on that cruise.
Michael o. Walsh Dd468 QM-3 1960 -1963 529-468-8950
I am mike Walsh. I served aboard the Taylor from 1960 to Nov. of 1963 and was a QM. At that time we were home ported in Pearl.

I worked and steamed with Clifford Santiago SM 2, Phillipe Lufau SM 1, Julius Dandritch QM 1, joe Grow QM SN, Carl Burgois SMSN, Sam McConnel SM 3 & Bobby Lee Garrett SM SN, and many others.

I have often wondered what ever happened to those guys after I left the ship for separation at Treasure Island in November of 63.

Went back to Pearl once, but Bravo Docks were occupied by theses huge ships that they told me were tin cans. They are way to big to be cans! Small cruisers maybe....not cans!

Any one know where I might locate any of these guys?


Mike Walsh 526-5705 QM 3
Jim Hall DD468 RM1 68-69 snjenavy@yahoo.com LITTLE KNOWN NAVY HISTORY!

DID YOU KNOW....that during WWII a Japanese Submarine was sunk by an American Destroyer who used "Potatoes" to sink her?!

In 1942 the USS O'Bannon DD-450, an American destroyer, was dispatched to the South Pacific to face off against Japan's Naval Forces. By the end of WWII, the USS O'Bannon earned more service and battle stars, a total of 17, than any other American destroyer. On 5 April 1943 when the USS O'Bannon came across a large Japanese submarine, the RO-35, which was cruising on the surface and oblivious to the approaching ship. The USS O'Bannon decided to ram the sub to sink it. At the last minute, however, they decided against it because the CO of the USS O'Bannon feared the sub was a minelayer, a ship/sub used to lay out sea mines, and if it was rammed it would blow up the destroyer as well. Because of this quick withdrawal , the USS O'Bannon found itself moving directly parallel to the RO-35. On closer inspection, Ernest Herr, a Sailor on board the destroyer, stated that the Japanese Sailors were sleeping on the deck. The sleeping Japanese crew quickly woke up and found themselves directly across from their enemy.

The USS O'Bannon was at a disadvantage because it was too close to the sub to lower its guns and the sub had 3-inch deck guns at the ready. Faced with the sub's guns, the USS O'Bannon crew began to use whatever they had at their disposal to fight the Japanese. Reaching inside nearby storage bins, the USS O'Bannon crew began to pelt the Japanese Sailors with the barrel's content. Inside the containers were potatoes and soon an epic potato battle began. Either the Japanese were not used to potatoes or were expecting the worst since they believed the potatoes were actually hand grenades. The Japanese Sailors were too preoccupied with throwing these potato grenades overboard, or right back at the USS O'Bannon, that they were not manning their deck guns.

The USS O'Bannon took the opportunity to gain distance as their enemies were busy handling their potato issue. Once the USS O'Bannon was far enough away, they properly lower their guns and began firing at the sub. The Japanese started their decent into the water. Before the RO-35 was fully submerge, the USS O'Bannon damaged the sub's conning tower. After the Japanese sub disappeared from the surface, the destroyer maneuvered over the sub and delivered a depth charge attack.

After the war, information was released that the Japanese RO-35 submarine did, in fact, sink as a result of USS O'Bannon's actions. Upon hearing about the potato incident, the Association of Potato Growers of Maine sent a plaque commemorating the event. It was mounted near the crew's mess decks. The incident became known as the "The Maine Potato Episode"!
richard erwin armstrong dd468 qm3 1963-1967 806-789-9570
I'm glad to have found this website. Would like to hear from some of the friends that were made during our on board time. Michael Thames - are you out there somewhere????
Jim Hall DD468 Rm1 2/68-6/69(+-) snjenavy@yahoo.com I know there are a couple 468 shipmates that were also on Oklahoma City. We just returned from CLG5 reunion in Branson & had one heck of a good time.
glenn stafford uss taylor dd-468 rmsa-rm2 12/63-5/66 336-476-5912
i remember typhoon erma and the 40 ft swells and one time being at sea 66 days do not miss it.
clayton starin dd468 mmfn aft eng rm 68 69 928-713-7095
Good ship,good times,Would like to hear from T.Vanguilder tm3,Appleby, and others from those years..
Jim O'Neill DD 468 LTJG 65-67 (804) 212-8911
The next reunion will be in Charleston, SC from 21-25 September 2014. Please consider attending. More information will be forthcoming as plans firm up.
Jim Hall DD468 RM1 68/69 snjenavy@yahoo.com http://youtu.be/kr4_RC4oZ4s

Good video of 2250 ton DD's
Eric Hilton DD 468 CS3 67-69 (941) 539-8740
To all my shipmates who served with me on Taylor from 1967- 1969. It was
some of the best times of my life. But some of the most enjoyable times
were playing guitar and entertaining the crew on the ship and in the clubs
in Japan, Australia, PAGO PAGO and Hawaii, with my good friend and fellow
band member Don Vanucci.

S. A. (Al) Mosier DDE 468 TMSN 59-61 almosier@rocketmail.com Does anyone know what ever happened to the Korean boys we found at sea and
saved their lives? What ship did we transfer them to? Also they would be
about 60 or 70 years old today. Did they end up coming to the USA? Any
info would be appreciated.
gordon e. mcdowell uss taylor dd/dde468 et2 1/61-12/63 707 554-3053
Sorry missed reunions.. will now keep in touch for future info.
jim hall DD468 RM1 68-69 717 840-0150
Jim Oneil, just viewed Suez photo group, interesting....have passed it on to OKCity Yahoo group.
Richard Archibald DD 468 BT-3 1/67-4/69 7813293291
hello im still around, would like to hear from my shipmates.
john theoharis dde468 yn2 1953-1954 jtheoh@aol.com would be happy to hear from anyone.
robert( kinch) kenshalo USS Taylor DDE 468 SN 04/56/-09/57 5593133594
Hello to all my old shipmates
Frank Cracchiola DD 468 66-67 8189973325
looking for anyone who remembers going on river boats in 66-67 in Vietnam
Jimmy (JC) Marsden DD 468 GMG3 12/68-6/69 ltlmtn@cox.net Served on the Taylor from last dry dock at Pearl Harbor, through her last West Pac cruise and crossing of equator, until her decomissioning.
thomas young jr uss taylor dde 468 electrican app 1959-1961 678-965-5549
was a trusty sheelback april 26, 1960
Waymon Waters USS Taylor DDE 468 SM 3 54-58 704-263-9193
I hope all shipmates of the Taylor will have a Merry Chrismas and a happy and prosper New Year.
delfin labao DDE 468 SO2 6/58- 7/60 323 850 1918
Reside in Los Angeles- Big hello to all former shipmates..
char5les robninson uss taylor dde468 mm 3 3/59to12/62 662 588 1399
charles robinson211@yahoo.com
hello to everyone
richard (dick) meredith DDE 468 LT jg (SC) 11/56 to 2/58 (419)223-5376
Looking forward to attending my first Taylor reunion at San Diego in Oct. 2012.
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